Marco Sacristão / Skyxer

Hello stranger, or friend, or visitor from outer space.

My name is Marco Sacristão, I'm a 21 year old Computer Engineering from Portugal. I'm an aspiring game programmer and designer. Sadly, I do not have any games out in the open yet. I have a great passion for learning, but, since I can't learn everything I'm actually very selective on what I spend my time on.

My skills

  • Programming.
  • Design.
  • Linux.
  • Web Development.
  • Computer networks and server administration.
  • Everything technology related.

My programming knowledge ordered by skill

  1. Java.
  2. Insert the programming language you'd like to hire me to work with here.
  3. PHP.
  4. Python.
  5. Lua.
  6. Javascript.

Stuff I do when I'm not programming

  • Video games.
  • Learn how to improve in a specific programming language.
  • Try and fail at making video games.
  • Lists, I really like making lists.
  • I also enjoy playing video games with my friends.
  • I almost forgot to say how I like playing video games, especially games with good "pixel-art" art-style.
  • I like to digress and redundancy on my lists.
  • This video.

What I hate the most

  • Math.

    Because it will never be useful to me as programming has been the up to this point of my life. I'm also not that good at math, math also isn't very good to me. I don't even math, bro.

  • Setting impossible goals for my personal projects.

    This. This is absolutely is the worst thing about me. I strive for perfection, but perfection comes at a great time cost, since what my brain feels like is a good idea does not become real in the timespan of 5 minutes, I usually give up and consider myself a failure, rinse and repeat.

  • Ducks.

    I do not trust ducks.

Work? Work!

Yes! Please! Give me work, I need money to buy food! If you actually want to give a young computer-engineer-to-be a chance, here is my Europass CV and you can contact me via Email.

If you want to keep updated on what I'm doing, I try and update my twitter @Skyxer when I come up with my new awesomely stupid ideas.

Hey, if you're feeling generous I'll gladly any spare Bitcoin you might have!